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 We take great pride in sharing with you a first step project in ?skenderun.



 Regarding child’s development, it is globally accepted as the most effective means of communication, training, and teaching. 

As a child playing a game, he/she wants to be with the same age group, act freely, have fun, and discover.

The kids provided with such opportunities comprehend better, build up self-confidence, and achieve the next academic level on the basis of true foundation.

What would be observed in kids whose mobility skills are restricted? Bad-temper, anger, disobedience, obesity, loss of appetite, stubborness, tv and computer addiction. 

Children are very precious for us, and we ask parents to let them play games, because they will not become a child again.


Playtime: It is an important period of time which should be spent with effective and high-quality stimulants.


Its Contributions to Child’s Developmental Areas


Supports mental development

Supports physical development

Supports language development

Enables learning, and increase attention span

Develops interests and skills

Builds up self-confidence, responsibility feeling, and promotes creativity

It backs up every age group with models appropriate to their current developmental level.


Our Activities

Free-playing activities (controlled)

Educational playing activities (warming up, dynamic, relaxing games)

Arts activities (playdough, cut and paste, colouring and painting)

Native language activities (fun finger games, conundrums, nursery rhymes, didactic stories and fairy-tales, cartoons and movies by cinevision).

Drama activities, dance, music, and fun activities

English learning activities

Gym and yoga for kids

Support Program for Playhouse Activities

High-Scope :  Supports active playing-learning

Scamper :  Enables them to think in different ways 

Gems :  Maths, science and nature

Reqqio Emilla :  Project-based activities

Our Physical Structure (Boutique Style)

With a warm, friendly, caring and attentive approachment; it has been carefully decorated with the latest materials supplied by domestic and foreign firms, to let kids benefit from the rich game and toy stands, and spend time efficiently.


The Application Model at Z?p Z?p (ages 1-10)

Unique in ?skenderun, Playhouse Application Model

Pre-school Group (Play Group 1)

Ages 1-2

Ages 2-4

Ages 4-6

Programs for a two-hour, half-day, and full-day attendance are available.


Post-school Group (Play Group 2, with literacy skills)

Programs for half-day (from morning till noon) and a two-hour period for the ages 6-10 are available.

When I go to work, my child will stay home alone! Who will send him/her to school? How will he spend his time? Is he/she hungry, cold or sad? What is he/she doing now?

Put an end to such concerns. We are taking care of your child, and also send him/her to school.


Activities for Ages 6-10

Individual play (controlled)

Systematic games

Sport activities

We have organized two libraries in cinevision room and Z?p Z?p Cafe. Besides movies, theatre, painting and music,they may also enjoy story books and periodicals, puzzle games, Psp games, Uno games, monopoly, and various intelligence games.

We love kids, what about you?

Come on Kids! Join us to play games, have fun, learn, and be happy with us.


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